3D Global MPV-Player
for autostereoscopic 3D video playback

In this section we present our latest 3D video player software to be downloaded. With the player you can easily playback AS3D videos in glasses-free 3D on our AS3D screens. Thereby various video formats are supported. Also AS3D videos with different number counts of viewing perspectives such as 2, 5, 8 or 16 views are supported. More than that you may create playlists of videos by using the MPV-Player. When creating a playlist please mind that only videos encoded with same codecs maybe joined into one playlist (all videos based on H.264 or all videos based on H.265).

The right player settings matching the AS3D monitor type are inevitable for a correct playback of AS3D videos. Therefore please read carefully the detailed documentation with regards to the MPV-Player. There you find all references for the installation of the player and its settings.


Please download the MPV-Player documentation here:

You find the latest MPV-Player version via this link:

Important prerequisite for the handling of the MPV-Player:

As each of our AS3D monitor models has to be driven via its own special pixel matrix we have created individual configuration files for each monitor type. The configuration files are always named „mpv.conf“ and in order to safeguard the correct triggering of the AS3D screen model the corresponding “mpv.conf” needs to be saved into the Windows folder „C:\Users\your-user-name\AppData\Roaming\mpv“. Please refer to our detailed MPV-Player documentation for all the details (see above link).

Configuration files:

In order to identify and relate each configuration file we have defined so called config-codes (e.g. 05N) for each pixel matrix. The relevant config-code of each AS3D monitor type is marked on the type plate of each of our screens. Moreover you may find the config-code also within the part number of each AS3D screen (e.g. D125UHDLM05N070A-RAA).

Download your corresponding AS3D monitor configuration files here:


To be used with our model D055WQHP (5.5“ portrait)


To be used with our model D089WQXL (8.9“)


To be used with our model D125UHDL (12.5“)


To be used with our model D-UP3218K_3D-A (32“)


To be used with our model D-FW43BZ35F_3D-A (43“)

Selection of autostereoscopic 3D videos:

Below you find a selection of autostereoscopic 3D videos. Please consider using 8K resolution videos only in case your PC performance permits playback of such high-resolution videos. In case of questions with regards to the MPV-Player please feel free to contact us.

Auto-Stereo glTF Sample Viewer

The internet grows to become three-dimensional. It is just a matter of time that products will be created in photo-realistic 3D to be placed on websites and online shops. More and more companies are currently having their products modeled or scanned in 3D. We stay abreast of these changes today. Thus the new Autostereoscopic glTF Sample Viewer, presented by UX3D, already takes care for compatibility with our whole portfolio of autostereoscopic 3D monitors. Any 3D data set may be uploaded easily on the Sample Viewer. Once there, you can interactively control (rotate, zoom and so on) the photo-realistic 3D data model. Via an automated hardware recognition and alternatively via simple parameter settings you may experience the interactive visualization in glasses-free 3D.

Download link to the Autostereoscopic glTF Sample Viewer here:

UNITY Plugin

Key element for a successful exercise of our technology is to safeguard its far-ranging software connectivity. Therefore we are happy to present our new UNITY plugin. We provide this plugin Open Source including documentation comfortably via download from this website. The Autostereoscopic plugin creates immediate compatibility with all our different autostereoscopic 3D screens. Now, any ever produced UNITY 3D project gets direct support for GLASSES-FREE 3D.

The plugin will be hosted and bug fixed by our software partner UX3D GmbH www.ux3d.io

This plugin is only intended for testing and not for production use. This plugin is not licensed for commercial use. Content created using the plugin is subject to the original author´s license.

Driven from marketable applications we are providing a selection of UNITY demo projects within a password protected area. Interested customers, partners and potential users are highly invited to take a glance at these demos. Get your password today and experience UNITY live in autosterescopic 3D!

The individual AS3D monitor settings are stored in JSON files. All Plugins and tools depend on these configuration files. The configuration files are updated and extended on a regular basis. For the latest version, please download the collection of all configuration files.

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