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After about twenty years of experience and the acquisition of employees, IP, patents and production facilities from Secco GmbH based in the German Erzgebirge, 3D Global entered the market in December 2017.

Funded by long-term investors, 3D Global currently builds up a new wave of production facilities in order to meet the requirements of the automotive, industrial, medical and gaming industries.

In addition, the next generation of 3D technology with improved features is already in the development pipeline. 3D Global products are state-of-the-art autostereoscopic 3D displays that provide a unique, direct experience of true 3D viewing or mixed 2D/3D viewing without glasses or other devices.
This brings a new quality to gaming, automotive and medical applications such as CRT and MRI imaging.

3D Global has close contacts to several universities and offers highly interesting job opportunities for experts in the fields of optics, IT and production.

Within the 3D Global Group, 3D Global Solutions GmbH (www.3dgs.eu) represents our strong partner with regards to technology transfer of our autostereoscopic core 3D technology into market-ready 3D product solutions.

Furthermore, 3D Global holds a very strong international sales distribution partnership with Kaga FEI Europe GmbH (www.eu.kagafei.com) to make this technology available to customers all over the world.


3D Global GmbH
Screen production

3D Global GmbH Testimonial
3D Global GmbH Testimonial small

„3D Global is a great technology facilitator. Their aim to make non-glasses 3D as simple as possible to use proves to be the ultimate key to success.”

Products & Services

3D Global is the leading provider of products needed in order to manufacture glasses-free (autostereoscopic) 3D displays. Besides the necessary hardware components to be integrated into the 3D displays, also all needed software solutions with regards to image processing and controlling the autostereoscopic 3D monitors are provided.

More than that we offer comprehensive services in relation to autostereoscopic 3D screens. This may range from the customized development of technology solutions (optical filter elements), via the integration of relevant 3D components into the client´s displays („bonding“) until the complete prototypic production of customized 3D monitors according to customer requirements.


Our key business is the development and production of optical filter components to be used in 3D displays. The filters consist of a thin substrate (0,1mm film or 0,1mm – 3mm thick glass layer) on which one or more optically active layers are applied. The parameters of the optically active layer(s) and the layer structure depend inter alia from the underlying LCD panel and the desired properties of the 3D display (as number of views / viewing distance / grade of image separation / …).


These filters are integrated into the LCD panel or mounted in front of the LCD display and serve as a “beam splitter” for the light exiting the panel. The filters thus ensure that the image content displayed on the display is spatially perceived by the observers.


Since this is a passive optical system, an electronic adaptation of the display controller or the panel electronics is not necessary. the preparation of the image content is carried out on the software side.

You may download data sheets of our current 3D-filters within the section Display demonstrators.

Customized 3D Development Services

We develop customized solutions that significantly change and optimize the image representation of 2D displays.

Mainly we develop optical filters with which almost any LCD panel can be “upgraded” into an autostereoscopic 3D panel. Customer specifications such as desired number of views, viewing distance, grade of image separation, screen orientation, etc. are taken into account and the necessary parameters are optimized for the panel requested by the customer.

In addition we offer the development of optical solutions e.g. for the area of „DualView” screens or privacy filters for LCD displays.

The size of the panels may range between < 1″ and approx. 80″.


In addition to our standard demonstrators, we also offer to our customers the option to modify their 2D screens in single-piece quantities with their filters, which have been developed by us and thus prototypically upgrade their system to a 3D solution. E.g. at trade fairs these prototypes may serve as function demonstrators of their own (planned) 3D screen solution during an evaluation phase.


The software solutions required for image processing and control of the displays can be found under „Software“.


The integration of our filters into the LCD panels is called „bonding”. The 3D filter is mounted with high precision in front of the LCD screen at a defined distance. This bonding process is generally carried out by our customers as an additional step in the manufacturing process of the panel / display.

For smaller series in the range of 10-500 pieces, we also offer this filter bonding as a service, while we integrate our filters into the customer provided LCD panels. Depending on the application, one of the following two methods is used:

  • Edge-Bonding (also „AirGap-Bonding”)
  • Full-Bonding (also „Optical-Bonding”)

While the filter is peripherally attached to the edges of the LCD panel during edge bonding, the full-bonding process is a full-surface bonding of the filter onto the LCD panel.

Edge-Bonding (also „AirGap-Bonding”)


Full-Bonding (also „Optical-Bonding”)

Display demonstrators

To demonstrate the autostereoscopic effect and the quality of our technology, we have built up a standard portfolio of 5.5“ – 43“ 3D display demonstrators. These demonstrators are usually in stock and can be ordered for presentation purposes.

5,5“ portrait format

WQHD-resolution (1440×2560); 5 views, 70cm viewing distance, touch.
Link to monitor data sheet D055WQHP
Link to 3D-filter data sheet F055WQHPM05O070A

8,9“ landscape format

WQXGA-resolution (2560×1600); 5 views, 70cm viewing distance.
Link to monitor data sheet D089WQXL
Link to 3D-filter data sheet F089WQXLM05R070A

12,5“ landscape format 4K

UHD-resolution (3840×2160); 5 views, 70cm viewing distance.
Link to monitor data sheet D125UHDL
Link to 3D-filter data sheet F125UHDLM05N070A

32“ display modification 8K

Modified DELL monitor, UHD-2-resolution (7680×4320); 8 views, 120cm viewing distance.
Link to monitor data sheet D-UP3218K_3D-A
Link to 3D-filter data sheet F320UH2LM08O120A

43“ display modification 4K

Modified SONY monitor, UHD-resolution (3840×2160); 8 views, 175cm viewing distance.
Link to monitor data sheet D-FW43BZ35F_3D-A
Link to 3D-filter data sheet F430UHDLMA8O175A

Optical Engineer:
Machine builder:

If you are expert in optics and optical solutions and if you are interested
to develop new generation of 3D displays your application sent by mail will be welcome!

New product, this means some of our machines we have to build ourselves. Are you able to help to construct machines creating micro-structured plastic films on glass? Please send your application by mail.

Optical Engineer:

If you are expert in optics and optical solutions and if you are interested
to develop new generation of 3D displays your application sent by mail will be

Machine builder:

New product, this means some of our machines we have to build ourselves.
Are you able to help to construct machines creating micro-structured plastic films on glass? Please send your application by mail.

For technology inquiries please contact:

3D Global GmbH

Augustusburgerstraße 133
09514 Pockau-Lengefeld

For 3D product solutions please contact:

3D Global Solutions GmbH

Am Krebsgraben 15 / Gebäude 2.2
78048 Villingen-Schwenningen

As a proud member of the 3D Global Group 3D Global Solutions GmbH is our specialized 3D solutions expert. Here we transfer our autostereoscopic core 3D technology into well thought through market-ready 3D products.


SCALEREO – A brand of 3D Global Solutions GmbH

For global product/commercial/technical inquiries please contact Kaga FEI Europe:

KAGA FEI Europe GmbH (former Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH)
European Headquarters
Tel: +49 (0) 61 03 69 00

Robert-Bosch-Str. 11
63225 Langen

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